1. Spring Clean Your Home (The Sparkle Factor!) 

-Clean Windows 

-Fresh Paint 

-Carpets Cleaned

-Replace A/C Filters

2. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

-Trim bushes and trees

-Put in some fresh annuals

-Paint mailbox/front door for a fresh new look

3. Start Packing

-Take down personal items so buyers can visualize
themselves living there

-Pack your winter clothes to give the illusion of more space

-Pack cherished items until you move to ensure they are secure

-Stage shelves and cupboards

4. Incorporate Fresh Colors

-Buy new bedding and pillows that you will enjoy in your new house too!

-Replace heavy drapes with light curtains to allow more natural light

-Replace bath rugs and shower curtains

5. Do all of the repairs that you have been putting off

-Check for leaky faucets and pipes

-Replace lightbulbs that have burnt out 

-Tighten handrails